Introducing Myself

Well if I am going to introduce myself, lets start with my name, Im Elizabeth. I grew up hating my name because its soooo long, but now I love it! I kind of see it as a classic name, which is rare now considering all the unique names in the world. Also, Im in my thirties, married, and a proud mom of four beautiful children, I’ll explain a bit my reasons for this blog and my goals.

Why do this?

  • Reason 1-I have plenty to say. Always have, if you know me personally, I can talk, like a lot.
  • Reason 2-I haven’t quite found my “thing” and I believe this is it. My words, my stories, my life might help someone.
  • Reason 3-My daughter, the youngest, she has Turners Syndrome, and I am her voice, her advocate. This will be my stage, to help bring awareness, to bring light to something that isn’t common and most people have not heard of. Its because of her that Im stepping out of my comfort.

Why blog? Well its a platform for people who have things to say, and there are a lot of choices now days. Social Media is so advanced that you can write, vlog, and so many other things to reach people. Writing is peaceful to me, it gives me a voice. This way, I don’t have to repeat myself, it will be here all the time for anyone.

My blogs are for anyone that can relate, I may be a mom but my blogs could resonate with someone who is thinking about having children. Had children and are grown, or even someone who doesn’t want children but loves kids. It’s for everyone.

I’m a stay at home mom at the moment, my kids are 12, 6, 2, and 1. I have a lot going on, daily. It’s hard to find yourself when your depressed, a mom, a wife, and are home 24/7. I get through the days, sometimes with energy ready to take the world. Then there are days Im lucky if I remember to drink water. It’s hard, really hard, but it’s what I’ve been blessed with, so that’s where I am. I hope those who choose to follow will enjoy, and continue to be a part of my journey. Welcome to my blog!

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