Some of the many faces of Depression

Some of the many faces of depression.

1. Sleeping too much or too little

2. Lack of motivation

3. Isolating yourself from family and friends

4. Eating too much or too little

5. Laughing a lot to hide your sadness

6. Trying to make others laugh so they won’t feel sad

7. Going days without a shower

8. Dishes piled up in the sink from 3 nights ago

9. Laundry overflowing from baskets and piles on the floor

10. Hardly leaving the house even when necessary

11. Overthinking about any and everything

12. Over worrying about any and everything

13. Constantly thinking about the what if’s

14. Regretting things from 5 years ago and not being able to let go

15. Irritable mood swings with little to no patience

16. Addiction to food, shopping, drinking, drugs, porn

17. Feelings of worthlessness, pity, shame, embarrassment

18. Knowing you need help, but deathly afraid to ask for it

19. Wondering if you are here tomorrow, will life get any better?

20. Feeling lazy, unproductive, incapable, and incompetent

Depression can also be hidden very well. I for one can attest to that. Depressed people don’t necessarily look like they are sad and miserable. They smile a lot, and love to make other people laugh. They can seem like they have it all together and figured out because it’s a mask they wear daily. They can be very helpful, very giving, and very understanding.

It isn’t something that is wished away. You can’t really say I’m fine and it make you fine. It isn’t always something you can walk off outside in nature. We all can have triggers, that can stem from anything, so if you don’t understand it, at least don’t try to make it seem like there is an easy fix. If you “handled” or “handle” your depression somehow, be thankful. Because there are many levels and yours luckily wasn’t as bad as most. Don’t compare a bad week to someone who has lived with it for years. Be available and a listening ear. That’s it. If someone needs to sit in a dark room and watch tv all day, sit with them. If they feel like they need to sleep, lay with them. Slowly encourage, slowly offer to help. Be gentle with your words, and careful with your actions. In the end, the person who needs help, also needs to want the help. Only then can there be a change.


Suicide prevention hotline 

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