To my kids.

You changed my world forever, you made me a mom.

You taught me what it really means to love someone else unconditionally.

You have shown me what it means to really care for someone else.

You taught me how to put someone else’s needs ahead of my own.

You showed me what it takes to be patient even though it’s where I’m weakest.

You have helped me grow in ways I never knew I could.

You helped me learn what it takes to protect someone with everything I have.

You teach me everyday how fast time goes and how to appreciated the little things.

You help me to do more, to keep working on me, so I can be better for you.

You teach me that life is fun, and it’s ok to be silly and smile more.

You love me, no matter how many mistakes I make, because you see the real me.

You have taught me that no matter what, you will follow my lead, not just my advice.

You see me, at my worst, and still call me beautiful.

You help me see the light, when I’m feeling dark.

You show me that it isn’t always easy, but it is always worth it.

You know how to make me mad, but also what makes me most happy.

You are always willing to be affectionate, just when I need it most.

You teach me that the bad days, are just that, not a bad life.

You are a gift, life has blessed me with, that I will forever cherish.

You will always be the part of my life, Im most proud of, because you make me a better me.


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