I promise I’ll do better for you.

My husband and I have been blessed with two girls. With it comes a lot of patience and learning.

You see raising a girl means raising them to be strong, independent, and confident.

Not to depend on anyone because they will be disappointed a lot in life.

Teach them how to cook and clean for themselves because no one else will do it for them when they are on their own.

Needing to make sure they feel secure and that they will always have a place if they need it.

I need them to know their value, so they won’t settle for less than they deserve.

I want them to always remember that they are capable of it all, as long as they put in the work.

Being a girl is hard, but also so beautiful, and I want them to feel beautiful, not just on the outside.

I love my girls and I need them to choose better. I need them to see me strong, so they can too be strong.

If you have a daughter or daughters in your life, I pray that they grow, and shine bright just as God intended.