One Tired Momma.

Going through pregnancies that changed everything, from your body, your mental health, your emotional health, and your whole life.

Learning to care for a baby, while healing, and getting little to no rest for at least 1 year.

Losing lots of sleep, patience, and confidence, feeling like you will never be yourself again with so much stress.

Dealing with toddlers, that don’t know how to handle their emotions, and that need your attention 24/7, while still trying to care for a household.

Late nights with sick kids, vomiting all night, high fever, lots of fluids and lysol for a few days.

Early mornings, making breakfast, changing diapers, keeping kids entertained, just wishing they would have slept just one more hour.

Cleaning up toys, the same ones from yesterday, and the day before, and probably the same ones for weeks to come.

Washing clothes, most of that aren’t even dirty, but worn for half a day until kids decided to change for the 3rd time.

Driving to doctors appointments, rushing because it took hours before we left the house, waiting impatiently in the waiting room full of sick kids, hoping they don’t catch anything.

Listening to long conversations, of random things my kid needs to let out, and even though I’m frustrated, I listen.

Not being able to finish a movie without pausing at least 5 times for a diaper change, a snack, being interrupted ect…..

Playing referee when siblings won’t stop fighting and have the need to always have the last word.

Trying to help a child with homework, that you don’t even understand and ending up mad and giving up after just a few minutes.

Having really bad days, where everything goes wrong, kids are acting up, food was burnt, and still having to take care of other people before dropping into your bed.

Getting emails from teachers that you child is not doing work and they don’t know what else to try, to help your child, and feeling like your failing as a parent.

Getting attitude from your own child, remembering they’re still growing and learning, trying to remember that they just need guidance, but you want to throw a shoe at them. (kidding, kind of.)

I see you momma, because I am her, I am so very tired, all the time. Sometimes I want to run away, knowing I’d come right back, but I get it. So if you’re like me and just barely getting by, keep pushing, our kids will leave us one day, and we will have to be even stronger for that.

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