What will be your story of Corona Virus 2020?

I’m sure we are all tired of hearing about it, talking about it, dealing with it, seeing it on the news, and living it at this point. The year 2020 really didn’t start out how we all were hoping it would. Now whether you believe it or not, it’s happening. People are getting sick, and many are dying. It’s a very sad, and hard thing to really think about. So in years to come, what will you have taken from this whole ordeal?

The Bad

So this right off the bat, of all things so far, has been hoarding. How embarrassing that it started with toilet paper. I mean, I did hear that there was some kind of shortage in a country when there was a disaster, or something similar. By this wasn’t the same situation so I’m still not sure why or how it started here. But alas, before we knew it all the toilet paper was gone, then the food, cleaning products, and then finally other essential items. Then came the disbelief, the doubters, the naysayers. So there are too many people who don’t believe the virus is a real problem, or that it won’t impact them at all. There are conspiracy theories, finger pointing, and just plain insane assumptions. The Covid-19 virus is very contagious, said to be three times more contagious than the flu. Three percent of those people to contract it will end up dying from complications of the virus, like pneumonia as it attacks their respiratory systems. People aren’t taking quarantine recommendations serious and are out and about, not knowing if they have the virus or if they will get it from someone else just by being close to them. The biggest problem is selfishness, because it isn’t just about oneself. We need to be more proactive about preventing more sickness to others and even more, death to others. The issue will come down to everyone getting sick quickly, at one time, and overwhelming hospitals. They do not have enough vital equipment for large amounts of people through a crisis like this. So those that are ignoring the warnings to stay home, are hurting others and possibly people they love. I am very worried about the months to come, and the results of those who did not or will not listen. I just hope people don’t wait until it’s absolutely too late.

The Good

So my favorite part of all of this is the goodness that there are still good people out there. I’ve seen and read about many good things that many are doing to help anyone in need or help society in general. From people donating food to elderly, taking their time to pick up necessities for them, and helping others with less than them. There are companies helping their employees, donations to hospitals, and employees working overtime to get essential things and services to people. I’d much rather hear about the sweet stories of goodness than another person licking items in a store. Families are finally sitting down and spending time together. We are so busy at times with all the changes of technology, work, families always on the go, we forget the more important things in life. Im protecting my family the best I can, and I will not let them remember this time as a time of fear. They know what is going on, but I will not worry them to the point of stress or concern over things they can’t control. If more people thought of others more than themselves the results would be shocking. We would get through this a lot easier and faster if we all did what was best for everyone. In the end, I will hope that we come out stronger, more caring, and with more appreciation for all that we have. I pray that everyone gets through this, and I pray for those who are already dealing with the consequences of it all. Stay safe everyone XOXO.

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