Calmness in Chaos

Times are tough right now, more than we can even imagine for some people.

Even through all the chaos and fear that is going around, I think we all need that much more kindness.

Everyone is struggling in some way or another, and not one persons life is any less important than someone elses.

We are all trying to figure out new ways to get by, to learn new ideas daily to be entertained.

Eagerly waiting to see if we can make the next payment that’s due, or if there will still be a job.

Debating whether or not you should risk leaving the house, to find that one thing you’ve been needing at the store.

Missing your family and friends, meeting up for lunch, or going out on a date night with no kids.

Knowing deep down, it could always be worse, but still feeling stress with everything going on.

In the midst of it all, find a way to stay calm. Do something that brings you some kind of peace.

Don’t give in to the “boredom” find something that will be useful.

Pick up that book, write in that journal, read a passage from the bible, organize the pantry, play a game with your kids.

If you sit in your thoughts the days will drag out. Find your calm in the chaos.

Make use of what evil is trying to waste, your precious time. 💞

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