My Turner Syndrome Butterfly.

She is a strong, beautiful blessing. I didn’t understand in the beginning, and I still struggle at times with her diagnosis, but I needed her. I needed a reminder of how strong I can be to protect those I love. I would do absolutely anything for my kids. She just gave me that extra push I needed to better myself. She may have some difficulties in life, but she will never go through them alone. I will be there, to cry with her, fight with her, and help her to be her best. She won’t feel alone as long as I’m here. Her missing chromosome may cause her short stature, infertility, and other issues, but she will never be any less than a miracle. She will know she is worthy, loved, protected, and capable of everything she puts her mind to. I share her genetic disorder to bring awareness, and so people understand it’s a part of her, but it does not define her. She is the strongest little person I know, and I whole heartedly believe she will do many great things in life. 💞

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